Saving Shipping Cost for Online Business

Shipping is a crucial part of the online business. However, big couriers are increasing their rate at a significant level which is not good for online business since it’s always about the competitive price. Some big competitors might offer free shipping, this makes the survival harder than before. Fortunately, shipping your product at the Pacific Palisades post office allows you to get the best services at a competitive price. Here are how you can save the shipping cost with Post Office services

1.Measure the Weight and Dimensions

You need to measure your product’s weight and dimension while packing. It’s suggested to buy your own shipping scale. Pack your products well with the free shipping supplies which can be ordered from the post office for free. Certain weight and dimension which fit the Flat Rate won’t lead you to an additional charge.

2.Priority Mail vs Parcel Post

If you have a larger package to deliver you may take a chance with the Parcel Post. However, if you’ve found the measurement fits the Priority Mail envelope and boxes and doesn’t exceed 70, then Flat Rate Priority Mail would save you a lot of money. It makes your customer happy with such cheap shipping cost.

3.Content Review

You need to review the nature of the content you want to deliver. Ensure whether they need any additional documents. If they’re precious items like jewelry or region-restricted items like certain drugs or alcohol, you may need to acquire the administrative requirements. They may also need a more specific delivery service, and the Post Office has any services you need at an affordable price.

4.Ship in Bulks

You can set your shipping terms with a number of hours or days. You can simply ship the orders at once at a period. This allows you to save time and money at the post office. Again, you can also order the free shipping supplies (box, tape, envelope, etc) which lower your shipping cost even further.